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2020 04-24
PET PROTECTIVE FACE SHIELD Transparent HD PET materials double-sided anti-fog isolantion anti-splash mask heat-resistant light eight protective shield/mask/Visor.
2020 04-14
Face Shield Protective Isolation Mask ANTI SPLASH ANTI SPATTER Transparent PET double-sided anti-fog isolantion anti-splash mask heat-resistant light eight protective mask
2019 03-08
the best plastic transparent box manufacturers of china Who is the best plastic transparent box manufacturers of china? I'm so sorry,I don't know,but I know that Shenzhen Wanli Printing Co.,Ltd. is a very good plastic box manufacturers in china.Would you like to have further information about Wanli Printing?
2018 05-18
What is Soft Crease Transparent Box? With the development of plastic packaging, customer's requirement on box folding is getting higher. To meet the need of customers who have high standard on box folding, Wanli purchase soft crease machine, with this machine, we can producing box with more uniform creases and less folding resistance, ensuring our soft crease transparent box folding more precisely, saving customer's packing time.
2018 05-18
Characteristics of Plastic Transparent Box Plastic transparent box is also called plastic folding box. Transparent plastic folding box is more accurate to describe the packaging. Please check pictures as follow, pictures from No.1 to 10 are called plastic transparent box, but only picture No.1, picture NO.2 and picture No.3 is plastic transparent folding box.
2018 05-18
Member of the First Council of Dongyuan Commercial Chamber Shenzhen Wanli Printing Co., Ltd focus on the design and production of plastic packaging, PP transparent box, PET plastic packing box, blister box, cylinder etc..These packaging is widely used in the packing of tea, electronic parts, cosmetic, wine, drinks, daily life commodities etc.. We have advanced technology and rich experience. Please contact us with, or visit our website: for more information. Wanli plastic packaging manufacturer, your ideal business partner, can provide you the best plastic packing solution.
2018 05-17
Clear Food Grade PET Box With the development of economy, our living condition is getting better, and we start to realize the importance of environment protection. When choosing packing box, we will consider if the material is harmful to health and environmental friendly. Shenzhen Wanli Printing Co., Ltd, an expert in plastic packaging industry, can manufacture clear food grade PET box.
2018 05-17
Wanli is honored 'Qualified Supplier' With the fast development of economic globalization, competition on survival and development that manufacturers facing is serious. Under this bad competition, product price varies a lot. Price difference between high level enterprise and low level enterprise is obvious. This affect the choice of customers. Some customers evaluate an enterprise according to price instead of quality, service and capability.
2018 05-17
Quality Control and QC Full Inspection Quality is the base of value and dignity, enterprises live on it. Shenzhen Wanli Printing Co., Ltd would like to spend much time and cost to maintain quality and win customers' satisfaction.
2018 05-16
Transparent Polyhedron Box Customers usually pack their products with square box or cylinder, but some products present their characteristic better if packed by transparent polyhedron box. Where can customers make this polyhedron box for their products? Shenzhen Wanli Printing Co., Ltd would like to recommend himself for the job.
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